White Nationalists

#ComplicitChris Sununu’s history of enabling racism is lengthy.

#ComplicitChris Sununu feigns righteous indignation but refuses to call for the resignation of State Rep. James Spillane (R-Deerfield) who advocated for burning and looting houses displaying Black Lives Matter signs. Emboldened, Spillane then shared anti-Semitic posts a few months later. No word from #ComplicitChris.

#ComplicitChris Sununu refuses to call for the resignation of State Rep. and Laconia School Board member Dawn Johnson (R-Laconia) who circulated racist, anti-Semitic material from a neo-Nazi website. Johnson defiantly rejected calls for her resignation, saying: “I am not resigning. The more you push on me, the harder I’m gonna fight.” Johnson then issued a non-apology where she stated she “honestly had no idea that [racist groups] even existed” and thinks that “racist” accusations are far too commonplace.”

#ComplicitChris Sununu supported Trump even after he called neo-Nazis “very fine people” and encouraged white supremacist Proud Boys to “stand by.”

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